Coral Properties Consultants is an independent real estate advisor based in Phuket, Thailand. Our multilingual team is composed of real estate and finance professionals. We provide private individuals and real estate investors with Phuket property advice guiding them into buying and selling properties, and generating attractive returns through effective investment selection.

We’re committed to providing an honest, transparent and ethical service.


Our team of local experts will guide you through the entire process of acquiring or selling a condo or a villa in Phuket, but also assist you settling in Thailand by proposing a comprehensive range of expatriation advice ranging from hiring a reputable lawyer to find an international school for your children.


Sourcing The Best Opportunities

Finding the right property for our clients requires a clear understanding of their needs together with an in-depth knowledge of the local market and current trends.

Our agents leverage their expertise to find the right deal for the right buyer:

  • Performing in-depth market research based on customer’s criteria
  • Conducting developer background check, due diligence and property inspection
  • Negotiating prices

Managing the Purchase Process for You

Buying property in Thailand demands expertise of the country’s regulation and  practices, our team will oversee and coordinate the whole purchase process to make it easy and transparent:

  • Purchasing/Rental contract review
  • Finding a reputable lawyer
  • Transfer of ownership with the Land Office
  • Translation/Interpret Services
  • Finding a property insurance



Making Moving In Phuket Hassle-Free

We give peace of mind to our clients by offering them a wide range of turnkey solutions to settle in Thailand and accompanying them during their relocation or their holidays, including :

  • Obtaining the right visa
  • Finding an international school for your children
  • Opening a Thai bank account
  • Subscribing to a medical insurance
  • Buying or renting a car, get a Thai driving license

Getting the Best Out of Your Investment

As one of the world most sought-after tourist destination, the island of Phuket’s property market allows savvy real estates investor to achieve high rental yields through efficient property management.
With effective marketing capabilities and the help of our local network, Coral Properties’ team optimizes the occupancy rates of the villas and condos of its clients in order to maximize their rental return.

  • ¬†Optimized calendar and pricing management
  • ¬†Concierge services



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